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1025 Cliffside Dr
New Carlisle, Ohio  45344

Bible Information Class


 Bible Information Class

   A Bible Information Class (B.I.C.) is available for people who wish to learn more about the basic teachings of the Bible. In this class you will find those who are new to the Christian faith and seeking to learn about Christ, those who are taking the class in order to become members of our congregation, and members of the congregation who are looking for a refresher course in Bible teaching. 

   Although the course prepares adults for membership in our church, there is no obligation and no cost. We invite you simply to attend and learn about all that God has done to grant you forgiveness, eternal life and salvation.  

   The classes are held weekly in one to one and a half hour sessions for about 15 weeks. During the fall of the year we meet on Sunday mornings from 9:15 to 10:15 am. In the spring of the year we meet on Thursday nights from 7:00 to 8:30 pm.  

   In this course we follow a booklet written by Dr. Oswald Reiss entitled “That I May Know Him.” The author himself well summarizes the purpose of the booklet and our course:

This book is about Him, (Jesus)
and it is about You.
It has one purpose:
that You may know Him.

   The subjects covered are:

  1. Christ and the Bible
  2. God and Creation
  3. Angels and Sin
  4. The Ten Commandments (Part 1)
  5. The Ten Commandments (Part 2)
  6. Jesus Christ, Our Savior (Part 1)
  7. Jesus Christ, Our Savior (Part 2)
  8. The Work of the Holy Spirit
  9. The Forgiveness of Sins, or Justification
  10. Holy Baptism
  11. The Lord’s Supper
  12. The Church
  13. Prayer
  14. The Last Things

 Additional topics covered in the various lessons include:

The origins of the Bible, the teaching of evolution, the Church Year, Family Devotions, Christian Stewardship, Preparations for taking the Lord’s Supper, a discussion of various church bodies, our church body, and a discussion of the Lodge.

Throughout the course we will have occasion to discuss the differences between our church and others, how these differences in doctrine arose, and why we believe and teach as we do -- always looking to the Bible for our answers.

We invite you to join us! You are welcome to join us even mid-course, if necessary.

Please call the church office at (734) 721-5377 to find out when and where we are meeting next. We look forward to meeting you and helping you “to know Him.”