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Today's Devotion - Audio

» There Is No Other – April 18, 2021
Have you been to an electronics store recently?...

» The Best Kind of Refreshment – April 17, 2021
Advertise a meeting by promising refreshments and the meeting attendance will almost always increase...

» Christ Is Risen – April 16, 2021
When was the last time you saw someone rise from the dead?...

Forward in Christ Magazine

» Question and answer about “Equipping Christian Witnesses”- Part 2
In celebration of its 25th anniversary in 2020, Martin Luther College (MLC), with the approval of the Conference of Presidents, has begun a two-year capital campaign called “Equipping Christian Witnesses.” The synod is looking to raise $16 to $18 million through the campaign. Part of that money will go toward student financial aid. We talked to […]

» A front-row seat to WELS Waukesha campus ministry
Please Lord! Just send two or three college students to our gathering tonight.  That was my initial prayer in September 2016 for my first campus ministry event held on the campus of Carroll University in Waukesha, Wis. I had a potential list of college students from the national office of WELS Campus Ministry as I […]

» Lighthouse Youth Center opens third location
After every school day, Lighthouse Youth Center provides safe, encouraging, Christ-centered environments to children ages 10 to 18 in Milwaukee. Through its healthy outlets for recreation, consistent support for education, and welcoming opportunities for devotion, Lighthouse has reached thousands of children on Milwaukee’s north side, starting at Redemption Lutheran Church in 2006 and expanding to […]

WELS Together Newsletter:

» 2021 synod convention preparations
The 66th biennial synod convention will be held at Luther Preparatory School in Watertown, Wis., July 26-28. The theme of the convention is “Here We Stand,” echoing Martin Luther’s bold stand on the Word of God at the Diet of Worms in 1521. The location of the convention was changed from Michigan Lutheran Seminary in […]

» 60 years of blessings and progress
The WELS Central Africa Medical Mission (CAMM) is marking 60 years of service to people in Malawi and Zambia. The first clinic began operating in Zambia in 1961; in 1970, CAMM started a clinic in Malawi as well. By meeting the physical needs of the people they serve, the door opens to share the good […]

» New virtual academy offers opportunities
The Association of Lutheran High Schools Online (ALHS Online) has a new name and an expanded mission. For the past ten years, ALHS Online has been offering high-quality online courses to supplement the class offerings of WELS high schools and elementary schools. Beginning this next school year (2021–22), it now also will offer a fully […]

» Taste of Missions—an online Missions experience
Join the WELS Missions office for Taste of Missions, an online missions experience, from July 11-17, 2021. Get to know our synod’s home and world missionaries and get a closer look at their mission work through short video updates, activities and recipes for the entire family, daily devotions, and multiple live events where WELS members […]

» LWMS announces plans for 2021 convention
The Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society (LWMS) announced via Facebook Live on March 7 that its 2021 convention, originally planned for June 24-27, 2021, in Sharonville, Ohio, will be virtual again this year. “We’ve been doing a lot of praying and brainstorming, and we came up with a solution for this year,” said LWMS President Cynthia […]

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Through My Bible In 3 Years - Audio

» Through My Bible Yr 1 – April 18
Bible reading Mark 9:1-29 (NIV84)

» Through My Bible Yr 1 – April 17
Bible reading Mark 8:27-38 (NIV84)

» Through My Bible Yr 1 – April 16
Bible reading Mark 8:1-26 (NIV84)

» Through My Bible Yr 1 – April 15
Bible reading Mark 7:24-37 (NIV84)

» Through My Bible Yr 1 – April 14
Bible reading Mark 7:1-23 (NIV84)