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Today's Devotion - Audio

» The One for the Many – February 17, 2018
One man doing what had to be done...

» God is Holy – February 16, 2018
There will be no more sin in heaven...

» God is Everywhere – February 15, 2018
No matter where you go the Lord is with you...

Forward in Christ Magazine

» He’s got the whole world in his hands
Although God’s plans for her are still unknown, a college student places her life into her Savior’s hands.  Elisabeth Hahm  “I don’t know what’s wrong,” he said. “I see no reason why an 18-year-old girl’s hands don’t work. This should be the peak of your health.”   The hand surgeon was apologetic, but he remained detached and businesslike as Continued.

» Light for our path: Where was he?
After the news of the church shooting in Texas last November, a friend asked, “A shooting in church? 27 killed? Women and children? It’s God’s house. Where was he?” How do you answer a question like this? I didn’t know what to say.  James F. Pope When a tragic event like that takes place, people can easily question God’s power and love. Others do more than question God; they Continued.

» Deliver us from evil
“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33  Peter M. Prange  The question my wife’s grandfather asked me was completely sincere and has been asked or at least thought by many others: “Didn’t anyone who died on 9/11 ever pray ‘Deliver us from evil’? And if they did, did God simply ignore Continued.

WELS Together Newsletter:

» Conference of Presidents hold winter meeting
The Conference of Presidents (COP) held its winter meeting during the second week of January. Items discussed and decided include: The COP was informed of a request to WELS Christian Aid and Relief to provide a grant for and assistance to the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Church of Puerto Rico as it recovers from last fall’s Continued.

» Celebrating WELS Missions
On Sunday, Jan. 28, St. John, Jefferson, Wis., celebrated WELS World Missions by hosting a church mission festival and corresponding school cultural fair. Rev. Tim Dolan, chairman of the Native American Administrative Committee for WELS World Missions, preached two mission festival services and gave a presentation about Apache mission work during Bible class. Activities moved Continued.

» Plans underway for long-term relief strategy in Puerto Rico
WELS Christian Aid and Relief has announced its plan to call a disaster response coordinator for Puerto Rico who would serve for one year and work with the national pastors of the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Church of Puerto Rico to identify and prioritize specific needs, plan construction and repair projects, and coordinate volunteer efforts. He Continued.

» Retirement Strategy Committee appointed
In November 2017, upon the request of the Synodical Council, President Mark Schroeder appointed an ad hoc committee to review the retirement program for WELS workers and to explore options to improve it. WELS established a pension plan during the 1960s. The plan covers all called workers and is funded by individual calling bodies. During Continued.

» New counselor will help support mission outreach
In January, Rev. Matthew Vogt accepted the call to serve as a mission counselor. He is replacing Rev. Peter Kruschel, who is retiring after serving in that position for almost 10 years. Vogt previously served as pastor at Water of Life, Las Vegas, Nev. He also was chairman of the Arizona-California Mission District. “He’s going Continued.

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Through My Bible In 3 Years - Audio

» Through My Bible Yr 1 – February 17
Bible reading Hebrews 1 (NIV84)

» Through My Bible Yr 1 – February 16
Bible reading Leviticus 27 (NIV84)

» Through My Bible Yr 1 – February 15
Bible reading Leviticus 26 (NIV84)

» Through My Bible Yr 1 – February 14
Bible reading Leviticus 25 (NIV84)

» Through My Bible Yr 1 – February 13
Bible reading Leviticus 24 (NIV84)